BIRRA DEL GARGANO is a gypsy brewing project inspired by the Gargano peninsula and its citrus fruits, local grains, flowers and spices. Every beer is unique and has been created by the collaboration between three different brewers and Vincenzo Ottaviano.
Each beer represents a connection and they are created with one simple principle in mind: to hold the spirit of summer and the emotions of a territory in a bottle of fresh brew!


Vincenzo Ottaviano has a degree in Gastronomical Science from the University of Parma and his professional journey has always been centered around quality food and beverages.
He runs the well known Al trabucco da Mimì restaurant in Peschici. This family run restaurant is situated on one of the most spectacular tracts of coastline in the Gargano National Park.
He began his brewing education whilst collaborating with Birra Baladin, a celebrated brewery from the Langhe region, in Piemonte.
Passionate about travel and surf, always seeking new adventures, waves and great beers.
Vincenzo has created over the years many exciting friendships and collaborations with various brewers that has inspired his personal vision of the beer brewing process.


Two of the beers, Bianca and Saison, are inspired by the Belgium tradition. The third, is inspired by the oldest German beer style Gose.
These are easy drinking beer, low in alcohol and gently hopped, best enjoyed in the summer heat!
The beers are produced seasonally, all are bottle conditioned, unpasteurised and unfiltered.

Crispy, flowery and gently hopped

Bianca is a wheat beer with a summer twist. This beer is light and refreshing due to our use of Gargano’s orange peel and blossom, coriander and a local variety of hard wheat called Senatore Cappelli.
Crispy and flowery and gently hopped Bianca is our iconic beer.

Produced in collaboration with Birra Ebers.

Smooth, spiced and refreshing

Saison is brewed using local spices from Gargano’s headland. This beer has a resinous and a refreshing aftertaste due to our adding of juniper, thymes and pepper while elderflowers give it a gentle floral aroma. It is inspired by the best belgium biere de saison but with a mediterranean touch.

Produced in collaboration with Lieviteria.

Salty with tart citrus aromas

Gose del Gargano is a wheat beer brewed using Limone Femminello del Gargano IGP’s fresh peel and sea salt. It is inspired by Lispia’s Gose beer with tart fresh citrus aromas.
The sea salt gives to it a particular touch which makes it a perfect summer beer.

Produced in collaboration with Cantaloop Birrificio Minimo.






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