The gypsy project

BIRRA DEL GARGANO ™ is a gypsy brewing project inspired by the Gargano peninsula and its citrus fruits, local grains, flowers and spices. 
The beers are brewed in different facilities, embracing the gypsy spirit, and are the end result of Vincenzo’s creative vision. 
Each beer represents a connection and they are created with one simple principle in mind: to hold the spirit and the emotions of a territory in a bottle of fresh brew.


The project is a clear and honest collaboration between the farmers and the brewers. 
The citrus fruits utilized, protected by the slowfood presidium, are produced by local farmer Michele Ricucci, and the grains are produced by Leanardo of Zilletta di Brancia. The grains farmed are the orginal ancient strains traditionally found in the area. Our base pilsner barley malt is farmed and produced by Monfarm in Lucera 
Every beer is unique and production is followed by expert brewers: Paolo, Angelo e Vincenzo.

Vincenzo Ottaviano

Has a degree in Gastronomical Science from the University of Parma and his professional journey has always been centered around quality food and beverages.
He runs the well known Al Trabucco da Mimi restaurant in Peschici. 
Passionate about travel and surf, always seeking new adventures, waves and great beers.
Vincenzo has created over the years many exciting friendships and collaborations with various brewers that has inspired his personal vision of the beer brewing process.