Our beers are inspired by Gargano peninsula

The Gargano series is inspired by the Gargano peninsula and its citrus fruits, local grains, flowers and spices. These are easy drinking beers, low in alcohol and gently hopped, best enjoyed in the summer heat! The products are all bottle conditioned, unpasteurised and unfiltered. The labels have been designed by local illustrator Lorenzo Tomacelli.

Citrusy, flowery and refreshing

Bianca is a wheat beer with a summer twist. This beer is light and refreshing due to our use of Gargano’s orange peel and blossom, coriander and a local variety of hard wheat called Senatore Cappelli.
Crispy and flowery and gently hopped Bianca is our iconic beer.

IBU 17 | Plato 12 | ALC. 5,1

33 cl | 75 cl | Polykeg 20 lt


Smooth, spiced and in intriguing

Saison is brewed using local spices from Gargano’s headland. This beer has a resinous and a refreshing aftertaste due to our adding of juniper, thymes and pepper while elderflowers give it a gentle floral aroma. It is inspired by the best belgium biere de saison but with a mediterranean touch.

IBU 24 | Plato 12 | ALC. 5,6

33 cl | 75 cl | Polykeg 20 lt


Salty & sour

Gose del Gargano is a wheat beer brewed using Limone Femminello del Gargano IGP’s fresh peel and sea salt. It is inspired by Lispia’s Gose beer with tart fresh citrus aromas.
The sea salt gives to it a particular touch which makes it a perfect summer beer.

IBU 10 | Plato 11 | ALC. 4,8

33 cl | 75 cl | Polykeg 20 lt


Enveloping and velvety

Brewed with local orange zest and cacao, Portagalla Stout is the perfect wintertime indulgence. Roasted malts complement the chocolate and orange flavors. Mandarina Bavaria hops, impart subtle tangerine aromas, enhancing the citrus notes of the beer.

IBU 50 | Plato 17 | ALC. 8

33 cl | Polykeg 20 lt


Citrusy and fruity

A sour beer barrel-aged and enriched with apricots.
Salty and citrusy, with white wine and yellow fruit notes.
Vintage 2020, 484 bottles produced.
It matures with time.
Best to drink as an Aperitivo, refreshing!

IBU 10 | Plato 11 | ALC. 4,5

37,5 cl